Providing cultural, social and athletic opportunities to students since 1977

The Lucy L. Woodsworth Fund was originally established in 1977 by Grace McInnis in memory of her mother, Lucy Woodsworth, who was known for her compassion and commitment towards children.  Today, the fund provides grants to children of low-income families in order to give them an opportunity to participate in social, cultural and athletic activities outside of the classroom.

The fund considers children’s needs and aspirations in the following areas:

  • Cultural – music, dance, theatre, and arts
  • Social – social and intellectual programs
  • Athletic – athletic fees and equipment

*Activities not generally eligible for funding include: school or class sponsored programs, outdoor school/camping activities, day camp, counseling/therapy  and academic enrichment programs. However, the Board of Trustees will consider approving, as funding permits, applications for these other types of activities if they address the unique needs of individual children.

Who is eligible?

Children are eligible for financial assistance if the following criteria are met:

  1. They currently attend a Vancouver public elementary or secondary school.
  2. Financial constraints at home prohibit their participation in activities outside of school.
  3. Application is supported/endorsed by school staff, i.e. a teacher, counselor, administrator or by a staff at a neighbourhood house or community organization.

* Please note that all grants are funded on a one-time only basis per student.

Application procedure:

Download and complete this Grant Application Form.  Applications submitted by students and/or family members or friends will not be considered.  All completed application forms must be submitted by a school staff, i.e. a teacher, counselor, administrator or by a staff at a neighbourhood house or community organization by email to the Grant Administrator at or by mail to:

The Lucy L. Woodsworth Fund for Children
c/o The Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses
203-3102 Main St.
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3G7

A Board of Trustees oversees the allocation of grants through applications they receive in accordance with a set of established criteria.  The Board meets quarterly at the beginning of October, December, March and June to review all applications.  While there is no deadline for applications, please note they will be reviewed only four times per year.  Staff will be informed regardless by phone, email or mail as to the status of their application.

The Lucy L. Woodsworth Fund for Children Board of Trustees (last updated May 30, 2023):

Rob Ferguson (Chair)
Julie Baerg
Nanci Farrell
Jennifer Ann Mclean
Vandana Nagpal
Allison Newton
Heino Nomm
Leslie Jane Silverwood
Catherine Thomas
Sara Urbauer

Interested in making a donation? Read about how The Lucy L. Woodsworth Fund has enriched the lives of countless children and teenagers over the years.

Donations and requests are welcomed from both individuals and organizations.  Donations are tax deductible.