Financial means should not be a barrier to pursuing your dream

Every year in British Columbia young people are denied their dream of pursuing post-secondary education not because they lack talent, ambition or dedication, but because they lack the financial means.

Elmer Helm had a dream of his own. That dream was to make a positive difference in his community by acting on the belief that when people work together to strengthen their neighbourhoods, everyone benefits.  For more than 40 years, Elmer worked with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC (ANHBC) to provide services in pursuit of that goal.

In the spirit of Elmer’s dedication to the youth, seniors and families of Vancouver through ANHBC, this Scholarship was set up in his name.

What is the Elmer Helm Youth Fund?

Each year, the fund provides financial assistance to deserving students who wish to pursue post-secondary training in the artistic, academic or technical fields.  It is the aim of the fund to make such education possible for students who may otherwise not have the financial means.

Up to eight Elmer Helm Youth Scholarships will be presented, of which a minimum of four will go to new recipients, while up to four may be given to prior recipients who are continuing their undergraduate studies.  Each recipient will receive $1,500.00 in two payments of $750.00 in late August and January.

Who is eligible?

The fund is open to young people who are residents of BC, under the age of 25 who have been accepted into post-secondary training in an artistic, academic or technical field, and must be significantly involved in their community in a volunteer capacity.

The fund is not primarily an academic competition.  Evidence of strong academic achievement and potential is important, however, it is more important that the applicant has demonstrated a significant contribution to the life of their community to exemplify the Neighbourhood House values of community service.

Award winners will be notified during the month of August.  Students who receive this award are eligible to apply for renewal on an annual basis up to a maximum of four years.

2022 Elmer Helm Recipients

Congratulations to the following students on receiving the 2022 Elmer Helm Youth Scholarship!

Caleb W.

Cody M.

Hargun M.

Jasleen B.

Laiba K.

Navindi D S.

Rachel D.

Rachel L.

Applications for the Elmer Helm Youth Fund will reopen in May 2023.

See you next year and Happy Summer!