We encourage the development of the neighbourhood house movement in B.C. by supporting projects developed by neighbourhood houses and by championing the start-up phase for new neighbourhood houses.

Neighbourhood houses make communities and their residents stronger. (Discover how at YourNH.ca.)

The Alexandra Foundation supports the expansion of existing neighbourhood houses to meet the ever-changing needs of those who use them, and helps get new neighbourhood house organizations off the ground in communities where a need is identified.

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For more than three decades, a combination of a trust fund, investment income, individual donations, and bequests have helped build and support neighbourhood houses in the Lower Mainland and across B.C.

Today, there are more than two dozen neighbourhood houses in the province providing services and programs to more than a quarter of a million people .

Your support helps us create and strengthen places where residents of all ages, nationalities and abilities can attend, participate, belong, lead and learn through programs, services and community building.

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