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Welcome to The Alexandra Foundation!

A champion of the neighbourhood house movement for more than 30 years

Our vision is to see resilient community-based neighbourhood houses that support and advocate for community capacity building, social development, and systemic change.

What is a neighbourhood house?

A neighbourhood house is a welcoming place where everyone of all ages, nationalities and abilities can attend, participate, belong, lead and learn through programs services and community building.

A neighbourhood house is governed by the community; responsive to the local culture and needs; welcomes, encourages and champions diversity; and provides an open-door environment for neighbours to gather.

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How We Achieve Our Vision:

The Alexandra Foundation supports projects developed by neighbourhood houses, and champions the start-up phase for new neighbourhood houses.

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The Foundation also awards student grants and bursaries through the Elmer Helm Youth Fund, Amy Hurn Scholarship Fund, Lucy L. Woodsworth Fund for Children, and Neighbourhood House Bursaries.

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We are a registered charity and non-governmental organization that was established in 1977 and is supported by a trust fund, investment income, bequests, and individual donations from people like you.

The Alexandra Foundation was instrumental in building our capacity to support the development of the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House in the Burnaby Heights… Over the two years in operation, the North House quickly established itself as a place to go to for community support and involvement.
– North Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Grant Recipient
Gordon Neighbourhood House serves as a central hub and also provides a valuable space to other community organizations. Alexandra Foundation’s support ensured that we were able to complete our urgent building repairs. We can uphold our mandate to work towards a vibrant and active community in the West End.
– Gordon Neighbourhood House, Grant Recipient
Your kindness continues to inspire me to give back to my community. I hope one day I am able to help others in the same way you have.
– Elmer Helm Scholarship Recipient
I would like to say that I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that the Lucy Woodsworth Fund has provided me. Volleyball has always been my passion and with the help of the funding, I am able to fully embrace the experience of a high school athlete. I can only imagine how many talented youths that this foundation has supported and I would definitely help the cause when it’s my turn to donate to those who need help.
– Lucy Woodsworth Fund Recipient
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